Friday, May 14, 2010

Yummy Cooking 101

"I was never the producer but instead, always the consumer.."

Food is one of my passions in my life. I live to eat, indulge and satisfy my craving for world-class gourmet and yet I always have space for something more of the well loved street food. Food trips are a must whenever me and my friends get together or even when travelling. Trying out new cuisines is a must!

Me and food have this love-hate relationship that everyone must know about. I love to eat but hate to cook. Yes, it's that simple love-hate thing.

As I have said, I am best at consuming what is served instead of making the food.

Living alone in the metropolitan and on a student budget,it is sometimes better to actually buy take out food rather than cooking at home. Since for one: you don't have to clean dirty dishes after cooking and all around, buying take out will actually cost you lesser than cooking your own food. But lately, I realized I need to start thinking about my food diet for my healthy living as proposed by my friends and trainer.

I also was getting sick cooking fried food (hotdog,tocino, tapa, fried chicken and the likes). Especially living on a condo, cooking can be much limited to an electric stove and a microwave thus, you can only imagine what else you can cook using both equipments.

So when I heard Yummy magazine wanted to challenge bloggers to test out one of their recipes. I said to myself:" Why not?" It's worth the try and hey, might as well learn how to cook now!

My mom loves Yummy magazine and she is really a good cook. She follows recipes and yet sometimes add few tweaks so each food served has a twist of its own. Sometimes, I wonder how come I never formed the love of cooking as much as mom... ( well... love for eating is there! :))

Yummy Magazine May 2010 issue

So I borrowed mom's Yummy mag and actually was fascinated looking at all those food! But then, I was not browsing the magazine to just read but actually try out making one! I shortlisted 3 recipes I wanted to try cooking but instead I chose try cooking

Saucy Chicken Mango

I chose it since it collaborates two things I love to eat and Mango is seasonal now. So following the recipe:

( I'm gonna try to make it as simple as it go especially for beginners like me..) :)

I prep the materials needed:
Dry materials chopped onions, chopped mango, chicken ( I opted chicken fillet instead), and decided as well not to use ginger.

Cooked the onion in a heated pan with cooking oil.

Place in the Chicken(fillet)

Add in the Liquid sauce (just follow the direction from recipe) and wait till boiling and add the chopped mangoes.

Tadaaah! the end product!

Iwas actually amazed how well I faired in cooking a decent meal and what's good about it is it only took me less than 30 minutes to finish the prep time and cooking time. Wow! That was definitely something! Aside from that, I'm pretty amaze that the total cost of my meal was less than P80! Yes! (TIP: If cooking for yourself, buy prepacked fruits, few pieces of meat for one meal consumption and "tingi") You can actually save a lot from that!

I was actually pretty ecstatic tasting out my first cooked meal!

and the judgement: 3 stars!

The taste of the mango with the chicken was just right and the chicken was just tender! Yummy!



I can actually see myself cooking more meals in the future and hopefully, I could be good at it!

To Check out more yummy recipes just visit or check on their twitter and facebook.

Till the next meals!

your cooking chef,

jamie! :)

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Hungry Husband said...

yay! you have the same recipe entry with the yummy blog contest winner. hope next time both of us will have those yummy subscriptions :)