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IE8 SUMMER BLOG CONTEST: The Boracay Experience

People just love Boracay.

Ask anyone where they want to be this summer and people seem to choose Boracay in their top 3 choices for that perfect vacation getaway. As much as I want to admit, I could not relate why people just love to head over to Boracay since I've alway thought beaches here (in the north) are just the same as what could be in Boracay. (haha. Okay, I'm sounding off as a Boracay virgin and much more a domestic travel deprive tourist). Well, what can I say, I've only found that traveling domestically is much fun as traveling abroad just late last year.

and yes, I repeat.. I am a Boracay virgin.

So to receive an invite to fly out to Boracay for 3 days-2nights in the beautiful Shangri-La Boracay resort and enjoy some adventurous activites for FREE are just the perfect calling for me to head down south and experience what the South has to offer.

Welcome to Shangri-La Boracay

Boracay, for many, is a place to chill out, sunbathe, swim, drink up, dress down and just enjoy the frills-free vibe of the place.

Well, what did you know, Boracay is sooo beautiful and much worth the buzz people give it to. But for someone like me, who will only be drag to the beach if there is something worth it to do (there), Boracay is just more than a beach- it's an adventurous' paradise!

Who knew, right?

Besides the usual Parasailing, jetski, Parao, Hobbie Cat Sailing and Zorb, Boracay definitely has something more unique extreme adventures to offer. Just a challenge I need to satisfy my inner craving for extreme adventures. Let me show you how many challenges I conquered in Boracay:

1st Adventure: Cliff Jumping @Ariel's Point, Buruanga

Ariel's Point is 15-20 minutes away boat ride away from the main stations of Boracay. Cliff jumping tests out how far your guts could go for and I think everyone should try it out just for the sake of FUN. Just imagine this... think of a cliff set near the water and a wooden plank is then placed over the cliff's edge. Think of the pirates movies and how they used to let their victims jump over board in ships. THIS IS JUST LIKE THOSE MOVIE SCENE!

But in this case, you get to choose how far adventorous you are... There are 3 wooden planks set at 9 meters, 12 meters and 18 meters high. So take your pick on what challenge to go for!

If you know me well, you would know I would choose whatever would give me maximum threshold of thrill and adventure. So yes, I chose the 19 meters high for my 1st jump!

All smiles... after cussing... (haha)

I was still grasping the idea in my head that I am about to jump 19 meters high and that we are close to the edges of a cliff when I went at the edge of the plank and looked down.. HOLY CRAP!!! It was sooo HIGH!!! I freaked out at the height I was about to JUMP in! and then every sort of situations came up into my mind! How I could get a head concussion from hitting the edge of the cliff or that I wouldn't get up from the water and all other sort of thing!!! In the end though, I said: "[ insert a cuss word here]" then off to the other end of the plank to have a head start of my jump. I was at the edge of the plank and then I waited. Waited. Until I was ready and hearing some cheers from the people around me.. I started my pace.... and run and until I was no longer running on the wooden plank and instead soaring!


Until gasp of air from falling caught up with me! HOLYSMOKES! It was the shortest hang time in air and yet the most thrilling I've ever experienced! AH-MAZING!!! I now can now tick off cliff jumping from my bucket list! yipeeyay!

2nd Challenge: Zipline

This 2nd Challenge stop was made especially for our entourage since you unlikely would ever find this in Boracay. Set up by the same company who handles AXN Amazing Race mall events, they placed the Zipline from the top of one clubhouse at Shangri-La resort and the zipline goes down to the beach area. The length of the whole Zipline at most was 30-40 meters! How UNIQUE was that! No one else could say they ZIPLINED at Boracay!

3rd Challenge: Walk on Water

Who say you can't walk on water?

Though people would often say only Christ and the Basilisk Lizard (or more known as Jesus lizard) can have this amazing ability to walk on water, well.. sometimes.. you can just prove them wrong!

This challenge was really the most unique challenge I've ever faced in my life. Walking on water! No joke here. You really are walking on a liquid substance.. It is just a matter how you stable out your weight, quickness and god knows... a little "science" behind that liquid.

Watch and wait till 8 seconds.. and I sank ( it really is liquid after all) hahahaaha. :)

Yes, I walked on water! How many people can tell that to the world? :)


Boracay really quenched my thirst for a good vacation while satisfying my fixation for adventure. I love that so many new "first" in my life happened at Boracay. Boracay, you made me happy and hunger for more! Besides, I am an Explorer who just love a good adventure and extreme challenges! Keep them coming! :)

I am an Explorer and I use IE8!

Till the next challenge,



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