Monday, May 3, 2010

3 weeks

P. just gave me a 3 weeks program to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.. and today starts my first day.

I will just post the program here and will update religiously on how I fair from this program... lordhelpme

(P. you kill me! but I'm up to it! and I pinky swore, so no backing out now hahaha.)

Core training:

Skip rope (1 minute)
Crunches (1 minute)
Push up 15 times (add 2 after each set)
Leg raise 50 times (30 sec)
Side bend 50 times (30 sec)
Side lift (30 sec)

3 sets of core training every morning before breakfast.

On food:

*No Sodas, iced tea and other sweet beverages
* No chocolates except on Weekends
* Half-rice on first week
* Pasta are only allowed on tuesdays and Sundays
* fruits only for breakfast
* (my own addition) Oatmeal for dinner
* viands- no limits! Yay! :)

on regular basis:

*play sports

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