Saturday, February 6, 2010

Too much WANTS so little MOOLAH.

I just want so many things I wonder how the hell could I afford buying it?

If only money grows on tree (hahaha).. and so I'll buy this:

1. Kindle
2. iPhone 3Gs
3. something from Marc Jacobs
4. DKNY be delicious (pink)
5. a new pet ( I want rabbits)
6. a new watch (i'm thinking: Technomarine)
7. RC-5 remote for my G11
8. Tortina loackers! (Yum!)
9. tickets to RENT
10. Tickets to Cats

i wish i had Santa on speed dial. Time to save up!

PS. March is just around the corner. To anyone who even reads my blog, atleast you can now get me these stuff for my big 2-2 birthday! hahaha. :)

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