Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Should I...

make this a photoblog instead? I'm really getting tamad writing something decent in this blog. Just let me find my flow in the couple of days... I'll soon be writing something more "worthy" about the in and out of my life and other quirks I constantly think about.

For now, here's something NEW:

NEW DOGs in the familia. Two cute Pugs. Sadly, one is saying goodbye soon since he will soon be sold. boo. I hope brother would just give that cute dog to me instead of selling it. Besides, that cute mutt already peed on my shorts during a ride around the city. HAHA. yes, he peed on the "right" spot.

My Lover's lover.
Isn't this the most sexy thing you ever seen?
Brother just bought me my very first tripod. hahaha.
Whatever got into him, I hope it continues.
should I pursue photography more seriously now?

Okay, I'm off.


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