Thursday, January 28, 2010

picture your life

I was going over into fixing some of my albums and decided to share some photos that I find very much fascinating and had some stories to tell...

read: DICK Stick. found it in a japanese/korean merchandise store. Funny. haha.

I like this pic alot. taken when we were at Soms. I look thin.
oo nah, my inspiration would be to go back to the thin-ner me.

Play: Cinderella. No picture taking allowed but I was persistent. haha.
the prince was gwapo. :)

Zootwolab day. Understanding the anatomy of a shrimp.
did you know that shrimps have different names for their "feet"?
Yes, and you must know how to differentiate each of them.
Nakakahilong exams ang inabot ko dito.

Dissecting a cockroach. I hate cockroach.

One of the many thesis days. Here is one of my sample poop that got "contaminated" and
parasites appeared outside the bottle.

Ascaris under electron microscope. One of the many present in my poop samples.
Ascaris in layman term is known as roundworms.

I love this picture. Taken in front of Manila bay area with two of my closest college friends.
Ah, remember our first day in college?
I remember how we three made usapan to text one another so we can go to class sabay for our first day of class. hahaha.

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