Sunday, December 6, 2009

What my 2009 was like.

I can't believe it. It was almost like I just did my 2008 round up ("What my 2008 was like". Same title, coincidentally) just yesterday.

My 2009 had been one amazing year, truly.

So, where to start?


This year had been something new, something old and something borrowed (huh?) haha.
Well, actually more like something different and just something amazing!

My first trip for the year 2009 was in Thailand. It was definitely unforgettable! Even if how many times I've been to Thailand, I've never experience Thailand like this. 4 days of just good memories. Read my entry here.

My trip to Thailand fulfilled so many life list I wanted to do in my life. Amazing experience, loved the food, had wonderful cultural experience, and the best thing was I had great companions. One of the best trip I'd ever had in my life, if not the best.

I had a love-hate relationship with Taiwan. I won't be a crud and tell you my 3 weeks tour in Taiwan was amazing.. because it wasn't. It did fail my expectations and it did left me a not so good memory of the tour, of Taiwan and some of my tour mates. But enough with bad and instead dwell with the good of it.

If there was something I love about Taiwan, it was their food. It was one foodie's haven.

Like many travelers, I love to travel to eat. Something new to my taste and yet so familiar. I think I've manage to spend 1/3 of my money to food. haha. Big Chicken, tusok-tusok ( sidewalk food), squid, big ice creams, nai cha, noodles,chinese style steak and how I can forget: Chili Ice cream.

chocolate Jalapeno Ice cream.

But as I look back again at my pictures of the trip, I can't help but remember some good things, good memories I had with these people. Group 3, even though we are not as close as we wanted it to be, I miss you guys dearly. I miss every funny, sad, wacky,idle, crazy,exciting memories we've had and I miss my roommates!

But the weird thing was, the people who I am close with during the trip was not who I am close to now. Weird thing- I am closer to people who I didn't much talk to.. Such weird fate. Nothing a group get together can't fix ( and please sked it a proper date where I'm here in Manila! haha.)


I can't tell you how memorable this trip was. 4 days full of misadventure with Pats,Rosa, Alex and Adela. Started out in Singapore- went to Snow City, Night Safari, shopping in orchard rd, and can I forget the most memorable "trip" Pats and I did from getting lost in an Malay area (which was scary btw), riding a bus all for our own, doing Gmax at 1:30 AM in the morning, walking all the way from Clarke Quay to the Merlion then back to the hotel ( which also led us to not wake up for our flight!). Missed flights, bad karma, bad predictions, bad experience. We all wondered who had marks in the ass (balat sa pwet). Especially on our Malaysia trip. We had such bad experiences that its so funny every time we reminisce about it.

It's trip like this which makes it more memorable.
Unexpected and definitely an experience we will never forget.

Local trips: Camsur and iloilo

Another life list things-to-do done. I finally had my first (and second) domestic trip. I can't believe it with only a week apart from each other. haha. Now, I can say I am a seasoned traveller. hahaha!

Camsur was just what I dreamt it to be and more. Laidback, home-y and definitely exhilirating.
From the nicest, hospitable people, drop dead gorgeous guys, frustating wakeboarding, good food, and everything else in between. I loved every single minute I've stayed there.

Iloilo on the other hand was iloilo. Had great food but nothing much to do. I was even texting Pat on what I can do there since I was getting bored. The best answer she got: Go to Robinsons Place for a change. (Since I was spending my time in SM for the last 2 days). Anyway, this trip was just as memorable as others. Since, I was almost left by the plane! Since I was a chance passenger! haha. That alone made this trip so memorable.

School and Graduation

My last year in DLSU was a roller coaster ride by its own. Too many rants, too many works, too many coffees, too many memories. There was thesis. By its own- I almost gaved up on my thesis. Lucky I had a great adviser, one who I come to love and understand. She taught me how to be patient, work hard and learn how to be humble. As I look back at 4 years of my life in DLSU, it was definitely a right choice to study here. I used to think of the what ifs ( about UE and how my parents wouldn't let me study there) but DLSU is a great school, no less. I had met great teachers, great people, memorable experiences, and it definitely opened my perspective wider. College would never be without hanging out with friends, orgs, sports, parties, UAAP's and all of the above. College taught me so much about life. I love my College life.

Now that I've graduated in DLSU and will start a new leaf in my life in my future school (wherever it is), I am a lasallians first before _____ (insert whatever you call people in my future school is).

More Hobbies.

Frisbee, flag football anyone?
I am eager to learn something new. Frisbee was introduced to me by my fellow taiwan groupmates and I just to learn a new thing from other people. :)

Flag football on the other hand was something I've never imagined myself "being into". For one, my pereception with the word "football" is synonymous with bulky guys, body gears and full clashed contact (everything about it is opposite, actually). But when Patty asked me if I like to join them to play.. of course.. I said YES. Flag football is truly one sport we can be really into. It is easy to learn and yet it's fun. You have no idea how big football is part of my 2009. It practically became my saturday thing.


I can't believe how much blessing came in this year. So so so much that I can't say thank you enough....Enough said.

A farewell.

There were a few things that made me sad this 2009. The passing of Michael Jackson and Cory Aquino had made news all over the world. I can't help but be sadden by their passing. They were great people. Watching the people mourn had dominos effect and for me personally, I love Michael Jackson. He is one great artist the world could ever have. I cried watching This Is It. They may have passed away but their legacy will continue forever.

People I need to Thank

I am surely to miss out names but lets make it this simple: if you are my family/ friends/ acquaintances/ professor/classmate/groupmate/tourmate/ or in anyway our path had crossed with each other- let me say Thank you. Thank you for making my year a WHOLE lot better.


2009 is coming to an end.. when last year I posted the question " if 2009 can beat my 2008?"

let me answer by saying " it definitely did! 10 folds more better!"

now, I will no longer post such statement since I wonder how 2010 can beat my 2009 ( its a great year and I don't want to jinx 2010).. so instead let just hope 2010 will be a happy good year! :))

Merry Christmas and Happy New years guys!

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