Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cakes, cookies and more!

Want yummy cakes this Christmas or those cookies and breads for giveaways?

You got to try this!

I was browsing Our Awesome Planet ( a usual habit of mine since I love food) when suddenly some familiar faces caught my attention.

photos taken from: Our Awesome Planet

It's Achi Marg and David and their concoctions, which got great reviews from Anton Diaz and fellow taste tester!

read Our Awesome Planet feature here

photos taken from: Our Awesome Planet

Believe me, they have some of the yummiest pastries out there. A favorite of mine are the Revel Bars and Chocolate Chip cookies!

head on to Symphony of Flavors site and check out there sumptious offering. :)


PS. please excuse for the lackof updates.. my NMAT exams is in 2 days. Haven't got any decent study yet ( I forgot what study habits mean any more!!!). I wanna finish this week, pass NMAT badly so I can enjoy the remaing of my 2009. :X


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