Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just Addition

Why did I only place 10 things I want for Christmas when I know (I forgot) I want something more...

(please excuse the growing materialistic stuff that I lusts for)

11) Jimmy Choo bag (to get this bag: must sell one of my kidneys)

12) A journal. (from Powerbooks P720 I think) While others would want Starbucks and Belle de Jour, I've always wanted this journal ever since last year but since the Kory (thrifty-ness) in me got in the way and since JID gave a BDJ, I almost forgot about it... until i saw it again this year...

Could it really change my life? :)
13) a pet. Which I am still deciding if I am up to it ( meaning: if I can take care of it!)

14) Surfing/Wakeboarding (but PL and I would be going to Camsur next week, so consider this out of the list (except for the surfing) Yahoo! :)))

15) a food trip. (Just invite me, I'd gladly join you)


and the list keeps on growing.....

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