Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10 Things I Want...

I know Christmas is just weeks away.. So here I am again writing 10 things I really would die to have at the moment..

This is my wish list:

1. Canon G10- my dream semi-SLR.. haay.. Must save up for this one!.. :)
2. Royal Blue Strap (for Philip Stein Large)- Isn't it sooo pretty?

3. Marc Jacobs jelly jacquard grovee satchel bag (in green/ pink)- I want it in pink, but green looks nice as well.. A bag I really lust right now.

4. Intellectual Devotional Health- This book is something I actually look forward to reading.. I want this book sooo bad!
5. Johanna Lindsey books (the last few ones missing in my collection) Just a few more!! :)

6. Khalil Fong's CD Timeless and Soul boy

7. Three/four leaf clover pendant necklace- something I want to commemorate this year with.. since this year have been a lucky year for me.

8. Full copies of Glee and Desperate Housewives series

9. A really really nice bookshelf- to house my growing book collection

10. DS lite- I just remembered me and shoti want one!


This list would hopefully give me reasons to save up from now on..

To Santa: I've been nice this year!

To my friends: any gifts are gladly accepted! :) hahaha..




Jean Dempsey said...

Haha Xmas na nga pala. Grabe, parang ang bilis ng panahon. Kailan lang ako gumawa ng Xmas list ah. Tsk Tsk!

BTW, gusto ko yang desperate housewives series. Pahiram ako pag may nagregalo sayo hahahahaha

jamie said...

hey jean!

hahaha oo christmas na nga..

sana nga may magbigay at ipapahiram ko sayo don't worry.. hahaha.. :))