Monday, August 3, 2009


I know.. I know.. late nanaman sa pag uupdate..

so here's some photo updates instead to recap on what happened from these past few days :

Bistro Filipino by Chef Laudico eat all you can

the best and the tastiest pandesal I've ever tasted! saraaaap!

Bowling with Nuri (my korean friend) and pats

Sofitel Night with Alex,Pats and Rosa!
50% off on Mondays and Tuesdays!

Here's a first.

Flag football in UP

with pats, nuri, ana,paolo, cris, and others.

Guess my shoes

Rain rain rain. luv.


After football, Isaw!

Nuri's first time! Isaw :)

She said it was okay.

and said no for the chicken head.

and lastly,

I'm soo busy with school!
oh, and I forgot to apply to graduate! sheesh!


Patti said...

we're playing again this saturday. wanna come? hahaha

jamie said...

booo.. balak ko umuwi.. hahaha

pero i'll think about it.. sunday pa ADMU-DLSU..