Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Transformer Craze.

We want to watch Transformer last saturday.. but when we saw the line, we turned our back and just left. Nakakabaliw ang haba ng linya. (Mind you, all showing in the Cinema were All Transformers.. So bakit ang dami parin ng tao?!?!)

gaah. i'll just wait for the dvd. boo.

Transformer crazed? or is this a Megan fox crazed? :)
PS. Do visit the new resto that opened near Timezone.. (I wasn't able to remember the name.. but it has something to do with Belgian or German thing.. i forgot.). but the guy owner was super nice. I went in to order a slush ice tea.. but then I was too dumb to not see the "close" sign on the door. They were just having the dry run lang pala... So it was super funny.. But then the owner said "It was okay".. and he was explaining nga "on dry run lang sila and it will open on Monday".. and then he gaved me an Apple Slush (?) just before we left and asked me to try it..
it was good... plus factor was that- they were nice.. :)
so for sure, I'm going to visit the place again.
see.. there's still good people around the planet.. :)

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