Friday, July 3, 2009

Second Serving- Taiwan Food Trip!

Late post!
relax.. and lets have foodorgasm.. :)
Pastry street food. sweet and yummy especially when hot. :)

Chile Ice Cream! I swear this one of the most memorable thing I've ate in Taiwan. We did a stop over before our long bus trip in an area where everything being sold are Chili related.. and then I saw this... Ice cream with chilis! the weirdest pairing you could imagine... Think Katy Perry: Hot and Cold. hahahhaha

See the flavors.. with different kind of chilis.

I tried Chocolate with jalapeno. Man oh man, first bites were okay.. but then as you go start having spicy after taste and the chilis have big slices-so you know, you're eating it.. I wish they serve the chili in smaller bits... the verdict: definitely weird. It left my palette in a weird feeling...definitely, I won't be trying another one. But it was worth to try atleast once. hahaha. cost 40NT (P60). :)

me @ Modern Toilet... and I'm seating on a toilet bowl.. hahahha. :)

Steak ala Chinese way. Steak With Pasta and Sunny side up egg (weird combination) and also comes with bread and mushroom soup.. ( I was expecting it with mashed potato but sad to say..I don't even know how to say it in chinese.. baaah.) quite expensive ha.. 250NT or about P375.. eh to think this was only a turo-turo place.
Pasta with egg.. who would have thought?
I can't finish it.

I don't know what the hell I ordered when I ordered this since I can't understand some
chinese in the menu.. It was written in a four chinese character and I understood the last two words "Ice Tea" and not the first two.. So I said, "what the heck it must be good, besides I want to try something new.." and to my dismay.. what I ordered was an Ice Tea with Kiamoy! (uugh.. I hate hate kiamoy pa naman..) sayang ang 25NT (P37.5) ko....Moral of the story: Bring a dictionary. stupid.

Streetfood galore! lahat ng ma-imagine mo andito na.. From pork bbq to weird reproductive linings of animals .. %#*!(#
better stick to what you can identify... hahaha
Sausage of all sizes. Taiwan is sausage craze.

and look at this... the normal size sausage is about 25NT but this one cost 150NT.. and its about 2 1/2 feet long. and to get the radius-think placing 4 normal sausage together.. Crazy big! Sausage paaaarty!

Banner ng kiosk nila.. They must have been featured in some sort of show.

My stomach can only devour bbqs. hahaha.. I don't want to upset my stomach. lols.

Stalls and Stalls of food.

I forgot where this was.. but it was in a brewery company.. Ai's mom said the sausage here are good daw.. so we give it a "go" ( even if I'm not much of a sausage fan. go parin.) and lo and behold, here their sausage have " beer taste.." hahahahaha. not my liking. but worth the try.

Pastry with palaman.. I am not sure what the palaman was. but it has a sweet monggo like taste. yummy to eat especially when its still hot.

See whats wrong with this pic.. ( from a carton of tea) :X

I don't know what to call this.. its like mochi mochi balls. We did this one as part of our activity.
Tadaah.. the result.

If you have ever been to Taiwan, you know many 7-11 have sprouted there.. Every corner of street seems to have 7-11! Did 7-11 originate in Taiwan?
Sausage in 7-11.. 22NT (P33)

Ice freeze in Taiwan.. Guava flavor (in this pic) and lychee flavor...aliw.. we kept refilling our cup hahaha. madaya kami eh.
20 NT (P30)

10 NT(P15) ice cream! Cheapo! eh kasi super aliw ang haba! hehe.. may 20NT rin.. twice the length.. :)
Thats all folks!

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