Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I realize.

* that so far, I've been making right decisions.

* that sometimes I still stumble, but gets up and move again

* that promises can be made but never kept

* that life goes on after the word "..forever"

* that first instincts are your best bet

* that everyone is so busy with grown up stuff

* that my life is getting boring by the minute

* that I am liking my physiology class because my teacher is a real doctor. (he's super funny.)

* also, with relation to above-- I realize that sometimes in you can't be too serious. just relaax and have fun. (can be applied to studies too. hahaha)

* that twister fries and a frappe can easily make me happy any time of the day. :)

Atsi Margie if you're reading this, I wanna say my congrats days early before the wedding! :)

okay thats it.. now wait for the 2nd part of my foodtrip in Taiwan.. :)

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