Monday, June 29, 2009

What I am currently reading: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

I finally got a hand on the book of Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers. Thanks to the Fullybooked GC I've won from Teacher Ria.. I got this one just 2 weeks ago.

Since I about to graduate in College soon.. and like everyone else, I start to come to think about the future, money stuff, ambitions and careers. What the hell would I do in my life?

and thats why I bought this book. Although I did plan to buy this book even way back in Dec. I kept holding it back since I am not much into this sort of books. Luckily, I had the GC so there I go and went and bought this one.

Good choice.

Although I am still halfway finishing the book, I must say the book is a really good book for reads.

Outliers is a compilation of stories of sucess.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Paul McCartney,Mozart.. all these sucessful people.. what do all of them have in common?

And besides, whats different of this book from other books on sucess?

This is whats different..

Outliers is the story behind the story of sucess. People who helped them become who they are, instances that made them sucessful and luck that made them what they are.

Here are some few things the book I find interesting:

* the mathew effects: they say, two people being compared- One being born in the months of Jan-March and the other in the later months of the same year will have a different chance of success. It all relies in the advantage of time.

* 10,000 hour rule: to be able to master something, one must invest 10,000 hours of practice.

* Sucess is unreachable by yourself, it is by the help of your family, friends and community

* Its not all about IQ and school achievements. The troubles of being a Genius is that sometimes they overthink things. and there are sucessful people that are streetsmart instead of being smart in school.

*Taking the less traveled road. Sucess is not about going with the flow. There are those people who took the less traveled road and because only few people took the risk, they were rewarded.

* Luck and Chance are necessary. There are such things as timing in success. When the chance appears in fron of you, you should know when to grab it..
*Never Give up. I know this line is medyo laspag for story of success. But if theres one line a sure proof for sucess.. this is the one.

It all made sense.

and now I start to contemplate again about my future. but somehow I feel more secure with it.

I just need to do the 10,000 hour rule. :)

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