Friday, June 12, 2009


just making an update... :)

well, i do hope you guys can catch in TV my brother and cousin as they make their way in the RORO contest, last episode is on June 13, 6-7pm at Studio 23!
2 more days and we're back to school.. wonder if people would start wearing mask inside the campus? should I wear one too?

when will The Proposal show in the phil.? I wanna watch! Also wanna watch UP! (3D please!) :)
anything else? nothing much... just busy with some stuff.. thats it!

Happy Independence Day!


Summer said...

ung sa australia ba yan?! wow naman! :D ang galing. nakita ko nga sa TV :D diko alam kung sino sya dun :D thanks for joining my contest! goodluck!

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The Brown Mestizo

jamie said...

uhm no po! its the DBP Roro Contest.. hehe.. only in interisland here in the Phil. :)

thank you too! hope to win ur contest! hehehe.. :)