Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eating my way through TWN.

So here's what happened: within 3 weeks in Taiwan, the land of Big Chickens, I almost spent 2/3 of my money in food! hahahhaha

so watch and see where it went...

Strawberry coated with carmelized sugar.. 10 NT (or 15pesos) but we were once naloko in Shilin Night market wherein the price was 30NT (45 pesos) with only 5 piece of strawberry!
In china, its only 2 yuan (14 pesos), with bigger piece of strawberry..

BBQ stand.. with persian taste and all types of meat.. I tried- Chicken,pork and sheep.
35NT per stick (about 48 pesos). Taste okay, but I love filipino bbqs better.

Fried dumplings.. 8pieces for 35 NT.. taste like any dumplings... :)

gastronomic foodtrip!

Spicy fried squid. 50NT (75 pesos)

I don't know why their's is bigger that ours. and I don't know why their's are straight.. now I'm wondering if what we are eating were only the tentacles..

Subway Sandwich anyone?

what we ate in Taipei 101

Chocolate Chip Cookie from Subway! sarap! I wish I brought home some!

and its a good size! yummy!

See its that Big.. not bad eh?

Its a customary for me to try out something different from known fastfood chains in different countries, so here is KFC..

Of course KFC spicy chicken sandwich.. it was good. though a bit expensive 170(?) NT for the meal.

Bread house in Taipei 101

breads and more breads.. it smell so good! I bought a chocolate cupcake and forgot to take a photo of it.. needless to say it was good.

people who went to the trip knows how important coffee is. With early wake up calls, your coffee is your bestfriend. I love this coffee.... I think Mr. Brown is a famous brand of coffee in TWN.

me like this Mr. Brown Blue Mountain coffee much.... :)

What we ate in Modern Toilet! Mixed seafood noodles set meal, 210 (?)NT
thought it was ingenious, but the food was a bit blah and a tad expensive.
well, its a must experience(for picture taking haha).. i guess. :)

Chinese Sausage Corndog in Night Market

I tried one in a cafe in the Taipei Aqua Museum...
and it tasted weird. hahaha. I swear the american version is much better!

All sorts of Chicken part and cuts
its crazy how people love eating chicken here. :)
Some other crazy ihaw-ihaw tusok tusok I didn't dare to try anymore.
I don't want to have LBM in another country, mahirap na.

A street full of streetfood! love it!

Cheese anyone?
Raspbery Ice tea(?). I am not sure what this was.. but seeing it personally, they are red small fruits placed and swimming in a big balde with ice and water... ewan.. basta it taste ok naman.. :)
Bacon wrapped asparagus
Yum! :)

yeah.. a night of foodtripping!

much as we would like to try, we can't read nor understand what some of the foods are.. so what we did was to stick with what we can identify. hahaha. :)

the line for this food stand was so long that the line even looped next to a house..
another tusok tusok ihaw ihaw food...

I tried the Small Sausage (red ones) in Big Sausage( White ones)..
I didn't quite like it.. the white sausage was rice (?) i think... and I'm not really a big fan of chinese sausage..

more food choices...
food food food and more!

Spicy Fried Chicken "pops"
This one I love. for 50NT (small) or 100NT (big) you can't stop eating this one!
yum.. but watch out for some small bones..

siu pao! hot buns!
till here.. more next time
wait for part 2! :)

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