Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nom Nom..

I've always dream of having my own food or travel blog but I always put myself back on creating one since I know to myself that I can't maintain this blog let alone add another blog.. but maybe one of these days I'll start one since food and traveling are two of my most favorite past time. haha.

Anyway, i bump into these food blogs when i was researching on food in taiwan ( I'm leaving for a 20-days taiwan trip this May) and was happy to find good tips on street foods.. I hope to try some when I get there ( No jinx hopefully, this trip was suppose to be last yr but wasn't able to go since I'd had an allergy the night before the trip thus cancelling it).

aah, just like in china! tusok tusok! they say it only cost NT 10 (or about 15 pesos). price is not bad I think.... If i remember it right, in Xiamen the street food closest in our area, where we frequently dine in, sells theirs around 2-5 rmb (or P14-35). I had good memories with China's street food. I hope Taiwan would be too.. :)

small sausage over big sausage! woow. must try this one! NT 40 (hmm about P60).

it literally say big big chicken.. so i wonder how big it is.. Nt 50 ( 75 bucks)

photos from epicurious.

another food blogger from taipei: hungryintaipei

now u know what I'd be doing on my free time in Taiwan.. :)



Anonymous said...

Ahh! You have so got to tell me everything when you get back from the trip. I think i'm going this summer with my family as well. :)

jamie said...

really? sure do

i will eat out in TAIWAN!.. :D