Thursday, April 9, 2009

i Love.

movie i'm loving: Bucket List. (HBO.) :)

food i'm loving: Sinigang! i miss.. :)

show i'm loving: Gossip Girls, and Ultimate Survivor (Discover Channel)

song i'm loving: Halo

book i'm loving: Winner Stands Alone by Paolo Coelho (currently reading..)

thing i'm loving/lusting: a new phone. :)

drink i'm loving: Kool Aid (for summer!) Coffee for schooldays.

guy(s) i'm loving: the twins are back! :)

color i'm loving: red.

summer where are u?


Patti said...

The eng twins?!? Hahaha

jamie said...

uh-huh...they are back! :P

pati si Anton.. lol. bakit ganun.. bumabalik na sila sa dlsu? hahaha

Patti said...

Panong they're back? They're studying again? Di pa nakuntento sa cum laude awards nila?? Hahaha
Di pa naman yata talaga graduate si anton e.
Pag bumalik si luch sa dlsu, tell me! Maybe i'll consider mba. Wahahaha! :D

jamie said...

hahaha ewan ko nga eh.. i saw them inside the campus and back at condo! haha.. :D

eh dba anton has a yearbook na nga.. so maybe graduate na nga sha lol..

haha i'll tell u when i see him! LOL.