Monday, March 9, 2009

SHIP ahoy!

Last saturday, I've decided to check out MV duolos, the world's largest floating book fair (by Guiness), docked in Pier 13, Gate 1 in Manila South Harbor...

The sun was up so high, it was so damn hot. Also, aboarded, i was becoming sea sick.. weird. Since i don't usually get sea sick and the ship was docked. but yeah.. i was having a slight nausea.. Sadly, bought no book at all. maybe one reason was i was in no mood (sea sick) and second, most of the book are not what i was looking for. Most of the book offered are for kids, christian books and cookbooks. but yes, some of the prices we're really cheap. I almost bought a Medical handbook because its was CHEAP (which I doubt would be using.. haha..)
So instead, to make the most of my trip I've just took a tour aorund the ship..
Manned by volunteers from around the world.. Awesome jobs, i think.. ( I've checked their site.. and you could actually apply for as volunteers.. but mind you, you work as volunteers, thus no pay.) i'd still say, its an awesome job going around the world. :)

books ranges from 50 bucks (or $1) to around 1000 bucks ($10).. Some cheap deals were their dictionary for 50 bucks only! haha. and some books were on sale. :)

hohumm. sadly no famous authors.. and no pocket books... i could have enjoyed this ship.. (even for the nausea it was doing to me)

and perhaps I was expecting something much bigger.. too bad it was smaller than i thought. :/

but i think, its worth checking the MV duolos atleast once. hehe. :)
it will be on dock until March 31.

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