Sunday, March 29, 2009


Konichiwa everyone. I've been away to my blog for quite some few days now. I've been busy with school, and with some personal problems.

Heck. it was hell week all over. So let me sum up whats happening with me:

1. Thesis: At last i'm finish writing my final draft for thesis! whopee! i spent 2 sleepless nights and one whole night with my adviser just to finish it. I've never felt this satisified and happy and proud and grateful.

2. to Dr. C., my utmost thank you. seriously. This week was like hell and she was the only best thing that happened to me. :D

3. speaking of thesis, my defense is on tues. Wish me(sheryl, joan and jaika) luck. we really need it. *crossfinger*

4.i'm hating my mircobiology. BIG TIME. i am sure its not the lesson itself i'm hating. but instead the prof i have. urgh. haay. i really hope i can passed this class and leave it all behind me. lordhelpme.

5. this month, I won 3 prizes from a certain contest. haha. small stuff again.

6. I am hating birthdays. mine personally.

7. I made my first yogurt! haha. (such stupid little things i've never got to do in highschool since my highschool never had this in lab).

it taste okay.. i guess. hahaha..

8. By monday, we'll then taste my first self-made wine!

9. let me also share this, to those who've been buying drinks from Animo, the melon thingy with orange color drink.. please stop buying that drink.. just tested that one and initial results shows coliform growth. eiw. by next week, we'll have the specific species growing.. i'll share some photos if u want. haha.

10. these past few days, i wast damn sick. ang hirap. shoot. I was sneezing like hell, then had colds, cough, headache and dysmeno, yup what a hell week it was.. Nakaubos ako ng isang 3-ply tissue all because of sneezing and my cold! but thank you, i am better now.

11. 2 more weeks! i wish summer is here.

12. As you all know, Tony Blair was here last weekend. Wish I saw him. too bad the ticket was too costly. P25,000 (cheapest was 1,000) for just seeing him. haay. Would you pay that much to just see him? That amount is yet to be taxed. hah!

13. I'm looking for someone who wants to join me for skydiving? anyone?

14. since i've turned 21 nah, something will change. gone are those days i will let anyone step on me, gone are those days that "certain" asshole people to get the best of me and gone are those days, i kept mum on my views. the old jamie is back!

15. me and k. are hating a certain bruhaha in our class. nako ang sarap patayin! tsk tsk. parang dingding...

16. I wish I can learn how to be semi-taklesa.

17. and thank you to all of those who remembered my birthday. sorry if wasn't able to say thanks. SO THANK YOU. u know who u are. :)

un lang.



Patti said...

I want to sky dive!!! :D san meron? Sama ako!
Shoot!!! I forgot to greet you! Sorry. Anyway, belated happy birthday!!! ;)

jamie said...

What i know is meron somewhere sa visayas.. may binigay na sa akin na contact... i am still asking about sa clark! tara! yehey.. may kasama na ako! lol. :)

thank you.