Sunday, March 29, 2009

Its official...

Official photos of AXN asia for the Big Challenge are already up in their site. haha.. :)

here's the link

even my relsfor classmates were in that site! hahahaha. :D

the question is: bakit wala kaming photo nung mga challenges? maybe we're always at the wrong place at the wrong moment.. hahaha



So my relatives joined the Condura Run 09'.. I would've went too if not for stupid school works. But what amazed me was that shoti joined! and he finished it hahahaha. :D

the official lists of the Condura Run was posted in today's newspaper.. and as i checked it out.. although i'm not so sure (since baka pwde magkaroon ng same names..) here are the official finisher listings whom i know:

10K RUN out of 1313 participants

Mother: finished 1202

Aunt susan: finished 1203

uncle peter: 998

Ira: 1207


Kc: 1264


jenny: 1276

For 5K run (out of 1792):

Jason: 283! (wow!)

kevin: 595

aunt baby: 1512


Aunt helen: 1632

courtney 1633

atsi shiela: 1343

Charlotte: 1571

others.. i still haven't found their name yet... :)

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