Sunday, February 15, 2009

Amazing Thailand!

I am back from a 4-day to Thailand and boy do i have many new experiences to share..

the last time i've been to Thailand was 4 years ago, and 4 yrs ago I still had a film camera thus i have booboo photos.. fast forward- now I came back to Thailand and Thailand had vastly changed.. and this time around, we just didn't do a shopping trip, we did a cultural trip which was so much fun and really nice!

some highlights of the trip:

Thailand was in their Winter Season (meaning 26-34 degree Celsius) ang init!

Stayed in Banyan Tree Hotel in Bangkok.. which was a 5-6 star Hotel and a night cost about P18000! whoop.

seen in the room as a welcome treat, a really small banana (smaller than a senyorita).. haha.. :D

Obligatory Jump! hahaha... other tourists were also taking our pics haha.. :P

This guard was smiling! hahaha.

its like Disneyland.. :)
rode the James Bond Boat in Tha Chang Wang Luang

went to watch Siam Niramit. Amazing Show! a definite must see! (cost about 1000+baht)
got carried by an Elephant hahaha. :D

Visited the War Cemetery and Museum in Kanchanaburi
Road a real Old type Train which connects Thailand to Siam
Ate alot! one of our meals is at a Jungle Restaurant.. :)

visited Tiger Temple and got close with monks and tamed Tigers..

had barbeque buffet dinner by the bay at Mandarin Hotel..

Spa at Tria Spa Wellness Center

looook! aaaah! just like old times in CHINA! :)

remember my list? was able to do one! ( Experience to be at 50th floor or higher!) yay! :)

and on our last night, spent it at the OpenBar on top of our Hotel which was in 62nd floor!

We also went to Patpong.. they say you've never visited Thailand unless you visited Patpong.. it was a really really new experience for me.. it left me in weird feelings about so many things.. haha if you wanna know wat you can see in Patpong, try to search it in yahoo.. you'd be surprise.. hahaha...

more photos in my multiply!


okay back to normal boring student life... :/

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