Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What school days?? TV breaks..

Its tuesday! and you know what this mean: New episode of GG!

Chuck looks dashing in this episode. Its the Hair, I realized that can change his looks. He looks like Zac Efron at the Gala..

Doroda is at it again! Long Exposure! hehe.. oui, look at the mutt! Cute! I think he's name was Handsome Dan.. hahaha... oh and he's sitting like a baby..

anyway, this episode was so much about Yale! Yale Yale Yale... bakit kaya Yale ang ginamit nila? Hmm.. well.. its a nice exposure for Yale I guess. Check out Doroda's outfit! super aliw ang sneaks with socks! :D

So who got in YALE: DAN, Serena (who dropped it for Blair), and Blair ( who got waitlisted, then got accepted then was put on Hold..)

and I am getting bored with Nate and Vanessa. Baduy ang loveteam na ito!

and the Last words was WAR... hohumm..

What I want to know is: will Chuck go to College? and where?

Next week ulit. moving on...

Still need to watch Obama's inaguration, Slumdog's Millionaire and the Curious case of Benjamin Button....

OK now call me a BUM. :D

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