Thursday, January 29, 2009


Just saw YES MAN today!

and I am feeling perky to saying yes to everything.. hahaha..

on the lighter note, I think I am happy since today is thursday (first day of my WEEKENDs!) plus... plus.. i've submitted back my thesis drafts.. and will get it back next week- that means I will have no work, no 4am sleep-lacking night/day and i can just relax just this weekend(s)! yeeeees! DAY OFF! :)

hohoho... sumthing BIG is coming up... hopefully, hopefully, hopefully.. it goes through!
thank you JID. :)

I love:
Family Outing SHOW!
very very funny.... puts back my sanity for a while while doing the THESIS (tnx to Pats.)
The Curious case of Benjamin Button!
damn this movie, i am lusting over Brad Pitt. haay.. its insane... He's a definitely the one and only guy worth to play the role! Meet Joe Black days HOT! oh, and good cinematography too..
Australian OPEN
i am for Federer and Roddick.. too bad they are seeing each other for the semis. i see Federer vs Nadal for Finals ! *crossfingers* :)

okay.. thats it!


Patti said...

Sabi ko sayo funny yung family outing e. Natawa ako kay rain at yung pag-treat sakanya ng ibang family members. Hahaha!

My gosh! Pinanood ko yung benjamin button kasi mukhang interesting yung story. My gulay! Habang nanonood ako, feeling ko buong buhay na ako nanonood ng movie. Hahaha! Ang haba ng movie tapos may ibang parts na super bagal ng kwento. Hahaha! Halata ba masyado na hindi ko nagustuhan!? Hahaha :P

jamie said...

hahaha.. super funny nung family outing!i think magaling kasi ung cast and concept ng show nila.. :)

nako.. i love benjamin button.. maybe because of brad pitt... eh.. that movie made me lust over him.. hahaha..

i will watch slumdog millionaire later... :P