Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Barack H. Obama

Yes. As the world watched and waited for the Inaguration of the 44th President of United States of America, I too, was up late and watching..

I'll spare all the details since for sure you've watched it ( or will be watching it for the following days to come..)

Hmm.. So here's what I think about the whole thing:

1. Like everyone else, I've anticipated what Michelle Obama would wear. The green ensemble was a definite surprise. I was thinking Red or maybe white. and no, I'm no fashion critic. haha. but she was very elegant, i must say. :)

2. Aretha Franklin is the bomb! grabe, i had goosebumps when i've heard her sing.. In that instant, I felt patriotism towards America... I love it. and I also love her hat. It was so 50's or was it the 60's?

3. Yo yo Ma, et. al
The Famous Cellist! Bravo! the music was soothing, walang boring moments and just very much patriotic.. :)

4. Rick Warren. Forgive me, but I didn't like how he did deliver his message/prayers. Epal. napaka-epal niya nung araw na yon.

5.Mr. Bush. I felt pity for him.. With all the anti-Bush Admin and criticism towards his regimen, Give the guy a slack. For me, I think for all of the things America have gone through during his administration, I think he did what he had to do. Thats it. And the thing was, if you've seen him before he took on presidency and now that he's leaving the white house, you could see how old he turned into.. haay.. Lets see what will happen with Barack Obama..

6. The world was definitely watching...13 out of my 57 Channels on my Cable was broadcasting the same Inauguration Day! sawa to death...

7. P. Barack Obama.
Even before the race of nominee selection of the democrats party, I've always thought Barack Obama will win. I've realized what he had that no other candidates doesn't have.... He has the gift of public speaking... When he talks everyone listens. He speaks with eloquence and dignity. People love to hear his speech because he speaks of the dreams of the people for US. His voice is subtle yet powerful. Engaging, confident and believable. He is a great public speaker... and for that, he became the 44th president of USA.
I know he has a tough job ahead of him. His promises and words were partly unrealistic for me... Call me a cynic here.. Since for me, He promised so many that I just hope he can do everything.. I really hope so.. because I feel compassion for all those people who believed in him and believed at his capabilities. Mr. Barack Obama I hope you can be the unsung hero to raise your country again. Be the Hope the people need.
i really want him to succeed.................

Change is the only constant thing in this world.

For now, I leave you with this picture.

Perfect. really perfect.


Patti said...

hahaha! parehas tayo! pagkagising ko parade na! :) alam mo ba yung damit na suot ni michelle obama gawa yata ng latina designer. di ko sure kung famous yung designer. haha! sabi ng tita ko cheap daw kasi. buti nalang kuripot sila. haha!

napanood mo ba yung speech ni bush sa texas? ewan ko, pero medyo naaawa ako sakanya. haha! super daming anti sakanya pati cousin ko natatakot for him. baka daw may pumatay kay bush lalo na ngayon kasi wala na siyang presidential security.

jamie said...

hahaha lumabas ka ba ng haus nung time na un? i saw the news rin kasi.. sa time square parang tumigil daw lahat just to watch the inauguration... i thought it was a brazilian designer? oo nga buti at kuripot sila..

nope ndi.. pero nakakawa tlga sha.. oo nga eh.. tapos alam pa ng mga tao saan sha nakatira... hahahhaha

Patti said...

Hindi noh! Ang lamig kaya nagkukulong parin ako sa bahay. Friday pa kami lalabas kasi yun lang yung day na above zero yung temperature. Hahaha!

Brazilian, latina. Same lang yun para sakin. Nasa latin america naman ang brazil e. Hahaha

jamie said...

hahaha ano ba yan.. house arrest due to freezing..

hahaha.. ok.. :D