Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I read.

I've never shared to anyone nor realized to myself the no. of my book collection. Even me, I really don't know how many books I have collected since most of the time after reading, nakatambak na sila sa shelf or sa drawers... so one night, I've started to pull out all my books from the shelf (since I want to organize and list them by titles,by author, etc.. ).

These are the books I have here in Manila.. and I still have some left in the province so technically I don't know the exact number of my books.. So anyway.. I've started to stack them up and see how high it can go.. sad to say I can't stack them up to my height since it kept on falling once it reaches the height of my shoulder.. haha.. now I know the feeling of an avalanche (book avalanche, that is!) hahahaha..

Though I know my books are far from the size of a library.. I am very very very proud of my collection. It ain't much but these books are something that I can call my own. Nonetheless, they are my humble collection.

Ok... thats it...
happy reading to all the bookworms.. :)


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