Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Simple Wish List

This year I only have a very simple Wish List.. One that money can buy dahil sa sobrang simple lang talaga (hehe) since 2008 has been a good year so far... :D

1. Andy Warhol Watches

As i've said, watches for me are investments... and i think these watches will go a long way.. hehehe..for 1950 a piece i think not bad nah.. its like Swatch, but Swatch is over-exposed (and more expensive) so i think i like Andy's more, and I like their design better.. Now i am thinking of starting a collection hahaha.

2. Oxford shoes

I don't know where i'll wear 'em but i want 'em.. :D but I want a more pointy heels...

3. A really really nice BBB (BIG Black Bag)

i am still in search of a really nice bag. It should have 3 things I want in a bag:

Size and Compartments- should have big and spacious and have compartments since magulo ako sa gamit.

Maintenance- it should be low maintenance.. no frills included.

Design and Quality

4. Books, Books and more Books..

Please do tell if you have friends who know friends or anyone who sells J. Lindsey Books ( @ reasonable prices), I am still in the process of completing all of her books. Since the bookstore here in the good ol' Philippines have limited and i mean really Limited titles..

Outliers by Macolm Gladwell

Hmm, from what I've read in his interview in Times magazine, I find this book a good book to read.. Its a book about success and understanding how people can attain success. :)

5. Mona Lisa Canvass

I think this is from the apartment of Carlos Celdran.. i like i like for my condo.. :)

photos from: chuvaness

6. Royce Chocolates

Name palang may dating nah.. its like the rolce royce of chocolates.. haha...These japanese chocolates are creating a buzz.. And I want to know why.. and since i am a sucker for chocolates, i want i want.. pero for 580 a box, worth'it...kaya?? Available in Powerplant..

photo from : chuvaness

7. Rainism (Rain's 5th album)

Okay, this one is no longer necessary since i've already downloaded the songs I like from his album.. but I still want his album just for sake of his photos in the CD hehe.. :)

Listen to the file i've attached here.. i lav it! hope you can too!

see: Adele - Chasing Pavements.mp3

Would it be weird if that's my Christmas Song? hehe..

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